Safely home……

It I should always nice to return and deliver the children safely back to their parents in Oss and that is how the day of travel has finished. The journey home is of course a little different to the journey out…….


Our blog is coming to the it’s end (although it will be staying online so that pupils and parents can enjoy looking back at the week). We hope that you have all enjoyed reading it and looking at the photographs. There may be a few more photographs added in the coming days as a few Moreno get sent through to me.

As a teachers team We have enjoyed the week but I think we are all looking forward to our weekend and getting back to a more normal daily routine!

Friday – An early start and clearing away

Our last morning in Liddington always has an early start (6.00 British time). There are bags to be packed and loaded onto the buses, beds that have to be stripped of their sheets, rooms have to be tidied and breakfast has to be eaten……all in one and a half hours!
If everything gets done on time we should be driving away from the PGL centre at 7.30 (British time). Then it is onto the motorway and off on our way towards our final activity of the week, a short visit to the old cathedral city of Canterbury. This visit gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs and spend those last few pounds on a few final souvenirs. After that it’s back onto the bus and an hour later we should be on the boat heading towards our last section of journey, back towards Oss.

Halloween Party evening

It has become a sort of tradition that the last evening of our England trip is a Halloween party evening. We are normally a few days early for the real Halloween on 31 October, but that seems to matter to anyone too much! There is normally much excitement by Thursday afternoon and after we have eaten all the children dash to their rooms to put their costumes on and get ready for the party. Right now I don’t have any of the photos of the children’s fantastic costumes, they will hopefully come later. But to set the seen there are some photos for the lanterns that the children made yesterday event nog among the trees.